Saturday, February 8, 2014

Do You Have Instagram Envy?

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Can a person get mad just from looking at photos?

Apparently, that is possible. There's something floating around cyberspace called "Instagram Envy." It's basically defined as having to view people having fun without you which causes something referred to as "fear of missing out" or "FOMO."

This causes jealousy because you're looking at your friend's IG photos of them at the beach, in a nightclub, or getting married, while you're sitting home in your pajamas eating a tub of ice cream or playing Madden 25 on your Xbox.

Can you feel inadequate just from looking at someone's online photo album?

Also on the show, are some men/women in certain regions more "date-able" than others?  We hear about "Southern Gents & Belles" and "California Girls," etc. all of the time, but is one more preferred than the other?

Lastly, we'll talk about Obama's plan to cap student payments to 10% of your income.  Is that a good thing to help steer people away from overwhelming college loan debt or is it just prolonging your ability to pay it off?

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