Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Don't Date If You're Broke (Ladies, too)!

Tuesday, Jan. 20th @ 10 PM EDT 

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Some guys without a dime to their names approach women giving them their best game. Because things are different in 2015, sometimes it works, However, for those with standards, it does not. I'm not saying you have to buy a woman's affection. I am saying that if a couple wants to be able to enjoy themselves then the more disposable income they have the more opportunities. The last thing most women want is to have to pay every time they go somewhere or not be able to go because he's broke. However...

I'm not just speaking to the guys. Don't date if you're broke goes for women, too! Just because men traditionally take the lead doesn't mean that you can sit around and not contribute. Sure, it takes money to look nice for your dates, but men don't want to feel like they have to buy your time. That's exactly what will happen if you don't reciprocate now and then. And I'm not talking about sex because if you think that sex is acceptable reciprocation for someone buying you a meal then you're a hooker. Yeah, I said it. So, don't complain if he eventually treats you like one.

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