Wednesday, February 10, 2016

#T2Q Quickie: Cam Newton

Final thoughts on Cam Newton...

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The Super Bowl has come and gone for the 50th time. Although I wasn't impressed very much by the game, it still had some interesting story lines. The main one is the story of one Cam Newton. The guy with the huge grin who terrorized defenses all season long.

Listen to why I think he went from being a victim of media scrutiny to a volunteer for it. I'll give a run down on what went down and how Cam went from being one of the NFL's rising stars to someone who may struggle to continue getting endorsements.

You can also listen to my Show Legends and how they feel about this Camtroversy as they give their takes on it. You can hear their entire commentary here in their final thoughts of last my last show. 

All on this T2Q Quickie!  "Some things just need to be said."

Show No. 568

Scheduled for 28 mins.

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