Friday, August 26, 2016

Q-on-1 w/Author, Jamell Crouthers

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How can a book change the way you look at the world?

Duration: 12 mins.

On this podcast, I have a Q-on-1 discussion with blogger and author, Jamell Crouthers.  We discuss a few things on the show, but mostly about his view of the world and how he hopes to influence change.  His book, The World We Live In: A Poetry Book on Societal Issues, looks to do just that!

Available now on AmazonBarnes & Noble, and other locations, this book focuses on fictional characters and chronicles their life experiences.  Each person details an experience that changed and impacted them in ways they never considered.  There are only names and no race or ethnicity mentioned in this book.  The reason being that Jamell wants the readers to understand and relate to their experiences as human beings.

Listen to my interview with him as I go Q-on-1 on the Talk 2 Q Radio Show!

Show No. 628

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