Thursday, February 2, 2017

Q-on-1 w/CorePreme

On this Q-on-1 podcast, I have a chat with international rapper, CorePreme. 

Duration: 11 mins.

We discuss how he got started in music as well as discuss where rap has taken him. Core talks about some of the music that he's made which came from his life experiences and travels.

CorePreme is an Award winning Rapper/Songwriter. CorePreme has graced stages not only across the United States from Los Angeles,California to Miami,Florida and almost everywhere in between but across the world as well. From the deserts of Cairo, Egypt to the sands of Sydney, Australia. CorePreme has successfully crossed over from Rapper to international entertainer. 

Critically acclaimed for his original rap style, Core has worked with multiple legends in the music industry and continues to fight off offers to sign to major labels. He has a style that cleverly mixes old school hip hop with that of the new school. Core has been classically trained in music and continues to attend classes for Berklee school of music in between performances. He wrote his first rap while sitting in Sunday school and this religious experience continues to echo throughout his music. Originally choosing to write gritty, street anthems, CorePreme now merges the street grit with the elements of a smash hit.

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