Monday, May 21, 2018

T2Q Podcast Zero

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I'm back!  Well, kind of...  As you know, the Talk 2 Q Radio Show ended back in February after being on the air for 7 years.  However, I'm not completely out of the game.  From time-to-time, I'll reach out to some Show Legends and we'll drop a podcast on current events.  There's been so much going on over the past few weeks alone and I had to reach out to Buck and Crystal to discuss them.

On this podcast we'll discuss the following:

The Royal Wedding

Did you watch?  Were you interested at all?  Harry and Meghan finally tied the knot in front of the world and social media ate it up.  We discussed how this wedding impacted society and Americans.

School Shootings

Here we go again.  I've done show after show after show on mass shootings, so why not another?  Nothing will ever change with the laws (until Congress feels that their children are at risk), so this will be just another discussion that will fall on deaf ears.

White People Keep Calling the Cops on Black People

It's hard enough just being black, but it's worse when you're constantly reminded of people's hatred towards you.  There have been 3 o 4 examples (that we know of) in the past couple of weeks of black people being harassed just for existing.  The most famous is "BBQ Becky" who called the cops on some brothas in Oakland who were barbecuing in the park.  Is our presence a threat?

This Is America

Childish Gambino dropped a music video on us a couple of weeks ago and it really started a wildfire in the media.  Was it too much?  Is it yet another item that makes white people feel guilty?  We'll talk about the hidden messages in the video and more.  We'll also get into how people are coming down on Donald Glover for being "woke" despite the fact that he's not married to a black woman.

These things and more as I drop my first post-Talk 2 Q Radio Show podcast!  T2Q!

Show No. 0

Duration: 89 minutes

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