Sunday, March 29, 2020

Q-on-1 w/Author & Podcaster, Erica Warren

I'm thrilled to get the opportunity to chat with a fellow podcaster and author, Ms. Erica Warren!

Duration: 34 minutes

On this Q-on-1 podcast, Erica and I discuss how COVID-19 is affecting families and relationships. Cabin fever is real and with people having to self-quarantine along with significant others and children, how is it impacting their lives?

We take for granted the freedom to get out of the house and do the things that allow us to unwind and lower our blood pressure. How do you handle life when that is no longer an option?

Erica and I will toss around some ideas on how you can get through this coronavirus thing without your loved ones driving you crazy!

We'll also discuss her newest book called "In Spite Of It All" that is coming out soon and is currently available for pre-order!

Enjoy the latest Q-on-1 podcast on the Talk 2 Q Radio Show! "No experts. Just opinions."

Show #775

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“In Spite of It All” was written to encourage and inspire everyone with the message that “Failure is never failure until you give in to it”. This book will bring you true life stories from courageous women who decided to take the stones that were thrown at them and build a bridge to the other side of their own personal success. 

These ladies are from different walks of life but the one thing they all have in common is their belief that it was God who brought them through it all. He was there every step of the way providing them with the divine strength to be an overcomer.

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