Wednesday, May 20, 2020

How To Date A Single Parent

Let's be honest: in 2020, it's very hard to find someone over the age of 21 who doesn't already have at least one child.

Duration: 96 minutes.

That makes relationships a lot more complicated these days because gone is the era in which all you had to worry about was one person. Now you have to consider your mate as his/her "broke best friends".

How should you approach it? How can you find someone you can blend with and ultimately build a family? How do you know that person isn't just trying to make you a "helper" and not a long-term option?

There are so many questions one has to ask himself/herself before you ever think about pulling the trigger on finding a bae. We present those questions to you on this week's live call-in edition of the Talk 2 Q Radio Show. "No experts. Just opinions."

Get the perspective you've never considered before delivered to your ears from one of my callers or Show Legends on this week's T2Q.

Show #793

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