Sunday, May 31, 2020

Q-on-1 w/Relationship Coach, Rick Soetebier

On this podcast, I welcome on relationship coach, Rick Soetebier, to discuss the difficulties in modern dating.

Duration: 34 minutes.

Relationships have been complicated today by technology giving the illusion of there being plenty of options out there. Has this shortened the patience levels of a lot of people who choose not to fight for their current relationship? If you think that there's someone better that's just a DM away, then will that make you less likely to stay with someone who has disappointed you in the moment?

We also discuss people who carry baggage from previous relationships and how to avoid dating from "a position of weakness" which results in repeated bad decisions.

Rick will talk about what he can offer a potential client who is serious about dating for keeps on this Q-on-1 podcast on T2Q.

You can get more information and / or contact Rick here.

Click the link to get his, "Dating Backward: A Practical Guide To Dating And Finding Your Soul Mate".

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