Thursday, July 2, 2020

Daddy's Lil Girl #TBT

Enjoy one of the all-time classics from T2Q!

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Duration: 18 minutes.

(Show #196 originally aired on February 19, 2013.)

On this TBT edition, I was joined by Buck, Ray, Amanda, and M&M!

In this discussion, we start talking about how dating someone who has family drama can become a permanent part of your life if you decide to marry that person.  Family conflict can and usually will ultimately impact your marriage at some point.

The discussion was going along just fine until M&M did what he does best: took the topic in another direction.  The show turned into the direction of the importance of being a #GirlDad and how that impacts a daughter's outlook on life.  M&M gave his perspective on how women without fathers in their lives are viewed differently, fairly or unfairly, than women who have them.

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