Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Justice For Ebra Hayes

This episode of the Talk 2 Q Radio Show is a bit different than the usual. This episode is about reuniting a family.

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Duration: 14 minutes.

A 19-year old lady named Ebra Hayes was charged with being complicit to murder back in the mid-90's to what appears to be a wrong place, wrong time situation. After 24 years in prison, why is she still not free? Why did she receive the same penalty as the man who actually committed the murder? What can be done to get an appeal? Those are questions her family has asked for over two decades now.

I don't do much talking on this show. This episode really just allows the family the opportunity to tell Ebra Hayes' side of the story since she is unable to tell it for herself. So, please listen to the Hayes family and find it within your heart to help contribute to their cause to finding Justice for Ebra Hayes.

The link to their Change.org petition can be found here

There's also a Facebook page at Enough Justice Served For Ebra Hayes

Information on the trial can be found here.

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