Thursday, July 23, 2020

Entrepreneur Obstacles

What is an entrepreneur you ask?

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Duration: 74 minutes.

What are some of the obstacles that people will encounter when starting their own business? How do you grow your business? What are your expectations of friends and family?

I hope that it put something on the minds of those looking to start their own business venture. You really have to plan things out or you can find yourself in a situation where nothing seems to be working right.

Owning a business can be lucrative, but only for those who consistently offer a great product and service.  I expect to talk to some entrepreneurs this evening along with my Show Legends to list all of the things that need to be considered before taking the plunge!  We'll help you find out what entrepreneur means.

Website/Contact information for the entrepreneurs that participated on this show:

Seth: and
Patrick: or email him at
Buck: Heritage Carpet Cleaning & Restoration (Greater Pensacola Area)

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