Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Fang: The Movie

My guest didn't let Asperger's get in the way of writing and directing his own horror movie.

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Duration: 23 minutes.

Richard Burgin is the writer and director of the upcoming horror movie, Fang.  He and I talk about some of the obstacles he encountered while putting together his first movie.  From problems on the set to adjusting to working with the cast, he managed to film this movie in just 23 days.

I ask him about what it was like to overcome the social awkwardness normally associated with Asperger's.  We chat about how he landed a cult icon in horror movies as one of the actors for the film.  He also gives a sneak peek at a future film that it's in the works.

It's a great discussion with a man who had a plan and executed it.  Enjoy my Q-on-1 discussion with Richard and please feel free to share this as to inspire others.

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Movie summary: It's winter in Chicago and Billy Cochran (Dylan LaRay) can't stop alienating the people around him. His mother Gina (Lynn Lowry) is in and out of the hospital and her mind is breaking down, caught between her glory days as a Southern belle and her current state of decay. 

One night, Billy gets an unexpected visitor: a rat that springs out of his bathroom and bites him. At first, everything seems okay. Billy comes home, drowsy from the tetanus shot, and bonds with Gina's lovely new caregiver Myra (Jess Paul). Then the rat fur appears. It grows out of Billy's skin, then goes away like it was never there. The more Billy looks in the mirror and scratches, the more he's forced to face the unthinkable: he might be turning into a rat. 

Billy is plunged into a waking nightmare where he slowly discovers the truth about himself as he unleashes the ferocious depths of the human and rodent soul.

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