Tuesday, October 6, 2020

What Is "Breadcrumbing"?

Fellas, how many times have you seen thirst trap posts on Facebook from women?  Ladies, how many times has that one dude sporadically sent you a DM just to stay in your conscious?  

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These are baiting and dating tactics or what some people call "breadcrumbing".  

It's done primarily on social media and breadcrumbing is a tactic that people use to string you along until they can decide if and when they will ever actually ask you out.  It's basically leading someone on by sending them sporadic messages and/or commenting on social media posts in a way to keep you interested in them.  However, it's always vague and non-committal.  

Tonight, we'll discuss how to recognize breadcrumbing examples and not fall into that trap.

Also on the show, Trump is back in the White House after a few days in the hospital.  However, so many people connected to him have tested positive for COVID including his press secretary.  There are a ton of theories on this and I know that my Show Legends will not have a shotage of opinons of their own as we discuss Trump in the news once again.  

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