Monday, October 5, 2020

Q-on-2 w/Hilary & Symoan Greillis of Bridezillas

I get the inside scoop from Hilary and Symoan on how their wedding ended up on the reality TV show, Bridezillas!

Duration: 20 minutes.

Years ago, these two met in an unexpected way and probably had no idea that it would turn into a wedding some day.  Especially one that would be viewed by millions on national TV!

Hilary and Symoan Greillis discuss the following with me:

  • Being followed by cameras on a daily basis.
  • The difficulty of planning a wedding for a national TV show.
  • Obstacles they've encountered as a lesbian couple.
  • Changes they would like to see made in people's approach to LGBT couples.
These things and more on this very entertaining episode of the Talk 2 Q Radio Show!

And be sure to catch Hilary and Symoan on WE's Bridezillas on Thursday, October 15th!  Check your TV listings for showtime.

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Show #863

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