Saturday, November 14, 2020

Life In The SWAC: JSU v. Alcorn

What happens when you ask a Jackson State grad and an Alcorn State grad who has the best school?

Duration: 51 minutes.

You can find an HBCU in Atlanta or you can find an HBCU in California.  But there's something about the South that seems to appeal to people of color.

I'm joined by Curtis Burroughs (JSU) and Charles Helom (Alcorn) to discuss the Southwestern Athletic Conference, better known as the SWAC by those familiar with HBCU schools.  

We discuss what made attending a SWAC school different than the larger, public four year colleges like the University of Mississippi or LSU.  We chat about dormitory life, homecoming week, Greek life, the rivalries between the schools (sports and band) and more!

It's a fun discussion that takes us back down memory lanes at times about college life.  Enjoy this Q-on-2 podcast with two guys who share a special rivalry that will never be broken thanks to the longstanding traditions of the SWAC.

Check out Charles on his YouTube channel here.

Show #880

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