Saturday, December 26, 2020

Men Judge Your Social Media

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"What goes on your wall is to be seen by all."

Duration: 5 minutes.

I made that quote up.  Catchy, huh?  You can use it as long as I get 20% of all sales.  The statement, albeit corny, is very true though.  What you post publicly on social media is being looked at and interpreted in ways in which you may not approve.

I'm talking to the ladies in this soap box rant.  Some of you can't figure out why you are either attracting the same type of guys in your inbox or why some of them are coming at you "any kind of way".  It's because they've formulated an opinion about you based on your social media.

We absorb daily information on one another based on what we see.  Perception is reality.  If you come off as needy then there will be a line of men in your inbox ready to take advantage of that perceived desperation.

Don't believe me?  Then peep what the homie, Jhae Pfenning, has to say about it in this episode.  I asked my podcaster in crime to jump on the soap box with me about this to give his two cents.

Jhae is the host of The Hard Parking Podcast.  It's a podcast that touches on society and culture.  Oh, yeah.  He likes cars, too.  His show can be found here:

Show #895

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