Monday, February 1, 2021

Relationship Taboos

I'm going to put on my guest hat again as I joined the Speak Up Sis! podcast to discuss relationship taboos!

Watch it on Facebook Live here.

Listen to the audio only here.

I be joined the host, Angel Charmaine, along with three other wonderful people on her panel.  

You know me and you have heard Angel on my show, but here's the scoop on the other three guests:

🎧 Christina Jackson has an inspiring, charismatic personality and teaches Culinary Arts to high school students. She is single and has a 21-years-old daughter.
🎧 Brian Porter is a minister, author, playwright, podcaster, motivational speaker and life coach.
When all people can see when they look in the mirror is an acorn, Brian says he helps to bring out the oak tree potential from the acorn. He loves to jump start people's lives with hope, Inspiration, and a new perspective
🎧 Aleceia Howard is the Operations Manager and HR Coordinator for a political based c4 that encourages young people to be civically engaged. As a proud millennial and VSU alumna, Aleceia enjoys serving the community and inspiring her peers to be their best selves.

So, be sure to check it out and enjoy the conversation as we each gave our opinions on the relationship questions Angel had for us!  Enjoy!

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