Saturday, February 27, 2021

Sippin' & Trippin' About Marriage

Is marriage really hard?

Duration: 42 minutes.

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I'm doing something different for this Q-on-1 edition of T2Q.  This episode is going to be a little more informal (if you can believe that).  I'm going to kick back and not just enjoy my conversation with my guest, but also sip a little adult beverage in the process.

Meg the TrillWineWife, as she's known on Instagram, will join the show!  She is a wine enthusiasts who shares her passion for libations on social media.  Now she's sharing them with me!  Meg has suggested a couple of wines for me to try (on the air).  The wines we have will be from a black-owned winery as we close out Black History Month.  She turned me into a wine searcher as I drove all over the Jackson Metro area trying to find two particular types, but I have them!

I'll ask Meg the following as we sip on OPP and Love Drunk:

  • How does she manage her daily schedule with a husband, kids, and personal life?
  • Is marriage hard?
  • Are the sacrifices that people make in marriage difficult?
And of course, we'll discuss wines as we taste some on the air!  It will be a fun and entertaining show!

Follow Meg on IG: @TrillWineWife

Show #915

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