Sunday, February 14, 2021

Prison Life: Views From Within

Her story is one of redemption, but how did she get to that point?

Duration: 44 minutes.

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Rojonah "Ro" Harris returns to T2Q to discuss in more detail about her time spent in federal prison for tax fraud.  She's very open about her life experiences, but now she gives us the scoop on federal prison.  It's not Camp Cupcake like people say it is.  At least not at the location she was incarcerated in down in Alabama.

What were the ins and outs of daily life on the inside?  We break down the following:
  • What's the intake process like?
  • How important is a good cellmate?
  • What was the interaction with the guards like?
These things and more as Rojo bares her soul on T2Q about her life on the inside of a federal prison.

Show #911

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