Thursday, July 29, 2021

DaBaby, Simone Biles, Relationship Deal Breakers! Oh, My!

I was a guest of the Queen on Royal Tea TV and I had a blast! 

Watch the unedited full episode on YouTube here or scroll down.

Queen Cole rolled out the red carpet for me, Derrick from Relationship Gumbo and Erica of Dope Discussions w/Erica to join her in discussing a plethora of topics trending in the headlines and more!
  • Did DaBaby make amends for the homophobic things he said?
  • Was Simone Biles within her rights to take a "mental health break" from the Olympics?
  • Is it a deal breaker if a family member crosses you?
  • Can you ban gossip in the work place?
We had a great time doing the show and you will definitely be entertained!  Be sure to subscribe to Royal Tea TV and follow everyone on Instagram below:

Queen Cole - @1QueenCole

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