Thursday, June 23, 2011

Legalize It!

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The only things that are just as old as prostitution are cockroaches and slavery. We know them as call girls, hookers, lot lizards, escorts, or ladies of the evening. Whatever you call them, they're not going away. So, should they be allowed to legally flip tricks?

I spoke with a friend of mine recently named M&M. He stated that legalizing prostitution would do the following: improve family structure, reduce crime, demolish the unemployment rate, and a few more things. Don't believe me? Click here and hear it for yourself.

After listening to some of his points, I tended to agree with most of them, if not all of them. Some of the deep thinking he brought to the table seemed like a stretch at first. But, after thinking about it longer, it seemed like it would eventually turn out the way he predicted if hookin' was legalized.

We then got into the subject of legalizing marijuana. M&M pretty much agreed that it should be done as well. But, before we could get deep into the conversation, I got a phone call from my man, Israel Carrasco, from out in L.A. If anyone had the scoop on "the sticky," it would be someone who lives in an area where medicinal "Mary Jane" is legal. Iz gave some great insight on how things work out in Cali and offered his opinion on how things would be if weed were legal nationwide. Like M&M, he also provided a very convincing argument.

Going into the conversation, I thought that the U.S. could benefit greatly from both being legalized. After all, once alcohol was legalized, it did wonders for our economy. Every holiday that we have, or major sporting event, groceries stores and liquor stores get cleaned out of their alcohol. The money that's spent on booze is staggering and it provides a huge boost to our economy.

Weed maybe arguably safer than beer. I've seen an angry drunk, but I've never seen an angry weed head. Worse case scenario on a weed head is that he/she eats up all
of your snacks. And if you legalize hookers, then they can have benefits which ensures good health. You'll also all but eliminate back alley head bobs which could lead to rape, robbery, or worse.

So, it's time for the government to get off of its moral high horse. I think it's more immoral to snatch a man's job and give it to someone else overseas on the cheap than to let him roll a blunt and get his jollies at the Bunny Ranch.

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