Thursday, September 22, 2011

Control Freaks

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How do you deal with a control freak?

Ladies, what if he doesn't want you to have friends or wants to have a say in your wardrobe?

Fellas, what if she checks your text messages or calls you constantly?

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  1. My wife used to be married to a control freak, he didnt even allow her to pluck her eyebrows, wear dresses, high heels, or look feminine. When he gets home after work, he would check the kitchen for extra cups in the zink, just to see if she had visitors. Needless to say, she is married to me now, and I love her to be fem and beautiful.

    Thanks for your comment on my post on Michelle, great hearing from you.
    Take care.

  2. Colin, that is nuts and I'm so glad that she got away from that guy. Why would a man not want his woman to be attractive? He was so possessive that he wanted people to overlook her. That's an idiot with self-esteem issues right there. I know you treat her right.

    Great post on Michelle Rodriguez. It's nice to see her feminine side.

  3. I know for a fact that Mrs B would laugh at me if I tried to control who she could talk to or what she wore…and in truth I would be laughing along with her.

    If you need to control or change the person that you are with then you are clearly with the wrong person. 17 years of happy marriage tells me, accept the person for who they are and love them for their weaknesses as well as their strengths – at the end of the day if they are happy the chances are you are going to be happy…

  4. Well said, BlackLOG! The Mrs. wouldn't go for that with me either. What's the point of getting with someone if you're going to try to turn them into something else? Seems like it makes more sense to just find someone who already is what you want in a mater. Thanks for commenting.


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