Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Real Men Seek: Charli Penn

I started following Charli's blog earlier in the Spring during The Stunner Tournament. In fact, I think Sonia from over at LogAllot and CriTEEKMyBlog introduced us. She's a married 20-something living in the state of California who writes for Essence Magazine.

What prompted me to follow her blog was the variety of entertainment contained on it. Man, Wife & Dog is a blog site that can do everything from give you a tip on how to improve certain aspects of your marriage to fun photos/videos that will brighten your day. My personal favorite is, "Why We Shall Be Known and Mr. and Mrs. Honey Badger From Now On." Long title, but my favorite post because of the included video.

What makes Charli so great is that she's a perfect example of someone who knows how to balance husband, pet, work and life in general. One post may be about how she met Will Smith on the job, the next is showing photos of her at the state fair with "The Man" or maybe just telling a story about Karma, her dog.

Charli Penn truly represents what real men seek: intelligence, spontaneity, a sense of humor and class.

Here is an excerpt from one of her blog posts that inspires couples on how to approach marriage. Please continue to her site to finish the post and follow her blog while you're there. You'll be a better person and will find yourself a step closer to being what real men seek.

"Remember when I blogged about how The Man and I are so not The Huxtables, well I’d like to think that by not always playing by the typical rules of marriage that makes us kind of bas-ass, right? If we’re happy and kind to other, what’s so wrong with that? They say rules were made to be broken, right? So why shouldn’t those on marriage apply? When you think about it, being a “bad-ass” couple can be a good thing. As evidence I present The Man and Wife’s Guide to Being a Bad-Ass Married Couple.

Rule #1
Don’t hold your tongues! Be honest (even if painfully so) with each other and your in-laws always. Sometimes the politically correct thing to do is stay quiet or sugar coat how you feel, but we found that usually just causes more problems at home. We make no secret of the fact that communication is the foundation of our marriage, and when you pair it with honesty it can be really freeing. You’re going to hurt some feeling, and that’s unfortunate, but keeping your feelings bottled in will only hurt you later."

Be sure to go here for the rest of her blog post. Lastly, check out my interview with her back on July 7th.

You can follow Charli Penn on Twitter or Like the Man, Wife & Dog Fan Page on Facebook.

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