Monday, June 18, 2012

What Do You Think?

Should men be allowed to join a sorority?

I throw questions out to my callers to see what they think about certain topics. It's a chance to showcase your knowledge on certain topics!

 Other than child support, does a man have any financial obligations to his baby's mom?

Father's Day card for a single mom: fair or foul?

What should the punishment be for falsely accusing someone of a crime?

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  1. I have been tweeting about this, but figured I would throw in some information.
    1. Sorority for girls and fraternity for boys. Why must we get so politically correct that we can't have things for separate sexes anymore. Gender roles are acceptable because we complement each other and should work TOGETHER, but we also need our own places for personal time and support.
    2. If a man is willing to have sex and not protect himself, then he is accepting the responsibility that comes with it. That is financial, emotional, and mental. Girls need role models to select good mates, boys need guidance to become a good man. Girls need mothers to teach them to be strong women, and boys need mothers to teach them to be respectful. Men and women who fall down on the job in any of these areas is a louse! I play the role of mom and dad, and on father figure day I buy myself tools and other typically masculine gifts since I have to do those things too.
    3. False accusation. If someone dies in a wrongful death suit the family is awarded the future lost income. If you serve time and are found innocent you should be awarded past lost income. You would have to prove it in the same manner as well, and it may be that you made nothing before but if you did then you can prove it.

    Have fun on the show! I hate that I can never participate in person! Being a super mom is hard!

  2. Sweety, you cal always participate via comments, tweets and Facebook. It is all appreciated!

    1. I agree with you 100%.
    2. I do agree that parenting is a tag team effort. I do think that gets lost when single moms/dads can't get on the same page. It becomes more and more about each other and less about the child.
    3. I think if someone accuses a person of a crime falsely, then when it's proved, the accuser should do double the time.


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