Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Me and the show legends will discuss some of the crazy news going on in the world today.

78 children by 46 different women. Wow.

Why aren't women protected in the military from sexual assault?

Why does racial profiling still exist in the police force?

All of these things and more on T2Q!

Show #132
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  1. WOW there is a variety of stuff there!
    1. If that statistic for one fella is accurate then one someone should neuter him, and two I still think an IQ test should be required before procreating. I think too many uneducated people are creating a society of kids with no chance to be successful.

    2. I don't think the military is any place for a woman. Not that we are not as capable, but let's be honest that femininity thing you talked about earlier? This is part of the problem. Be a girl! Not a soldier!

    3. I am a southern white woman, and I believe that a degree of racial profiling works. HOWEVER! There should be some rationality to it. There are too many cops (otherwise known as napoleon complex tin gods) that have no business being cops and they make the whole thing look bad! Also people need to understand that society makes judgements off first impression. If you act the fool and dress the fool then you will be treated that way. If you choose to play the game you can win it too!

    Eventually I will have time in the evenings to participate in the program and can actually voice my view and hear others responses rather than just be an internet stalker!

  2. Yes, I try to hit a variety of things now and then! :)

    1. Actually, it's three guys (which isn't much better).
    2. Interesting concept. I think they can handle it, but there has to be a respect level that guys should adhere to.
    3. I get that people should make assumptions on others, but I don't think that it should be based on race. I think it can be based on attire or behavior, but not race.

    I hope you can join some day, but until then stalk on! I always mention your comments on-air. :)

  3. OMG - that's not a big gene pool. Yikes.

    Also agree with Sweety - an IQ test SHOULD be required. lol

  4. If it were only that easy, Lady E!


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