Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Walking Dead & Welfare

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How do these two go together? They probably don't, but I'm sure M&M will find a philosophical way to link them together. On the next T2Q, we'll get into the following:

Bath salts and the zombies they create.  Despite the fact that people are eating other people (and animals), folks just love to get high.

How would you fix (or eliminate) welfare?  Welfare fraud is running rampant and the government doesn't seem concerned enough to fix it.

How old should a kid be before getting piercings/tattoos?  Willow Smith donned a photo of a fake tongue ring, but now pre-teens seem to want one for themselves.

A famous comic book character comes out of the closet.  Introducing a new characters who happens to be gay is one thing.  But, what if you take a popular established character and make him come out of the closet?  What will the reaction from the comic book masses be?

All of this and more on the Talk 2 Q Radio Show!

Show #133


  1. Back in the day I was not a big "getting high" person. I didn't truly experiment until my late 20's. THEN I literally thought "What's all the fuss about" I get that it gives you a brief period of time that you are away from the focus of things, but when you get sober again reality is still there waiting or you to pay attention. I just don't get it. My high now is making amazing costumes! Otherwise, not really anything blows my skirt up as far as "high" goes.

    I have a piercing that I got in my late 20's and a tattoo I got in my early 20's My ears were done as a kid. Our society is so caught up on the I want it now lifestyle that they forget your life is a long distance run, not a sprint. Stop having plastic surgery and punching holes and making permanent marks that will result in long term maintenance. Wait until you are truly ready for nips and tucks. I am waiting for a boob job when they sag too much. No more tattoos or piercings since they might not look so cool at 80.

    I will abstain from the homosexual conversation. I have very strong views that are not widely accepted and it is best not to be a raving lunatic screaming my views to people that have their own as well.

    1. But, I love raving lunatics! Lol! Everyone has strong views about different things, but the beauty of the show is that you get a platform to speak your mind.

      I agree with you that life is a marathon and not a sprint, but I wonder how many young people actually think they'll live past 50? Then again, most of them think they'll be 21 forever.


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