Sunday, June 24, 2012

Is Femininity Dead? @LadyT523 & @MsFabulousB

I'm joined by LadyT and Bendiane aka MsFabulousB once again as we discuss something a little different.  Time and time again, we hear people ask, "is chivalry dead?"

On this edition of the Talk 2 Q Radio Show, we look at the flip side: "is femininity dead?"  Do women no longer desire to be "girly," for lack of a better word?  Lady T and Ms. Fabulous B will answer questions in regards to the following:

What changed to make women shy away from traditional styles? 

What are the pros/cons of being traditionally feminine?

Do modern-day ladies not know how to be feminine?

All of these things and more on #T2Q!

Show #130
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  1. I don't think femininity is dead, but it is suffering in general. Shows like the Real Housewives portray women who are loud, brash and appear to be gold diggers. As a woman of the south I believe that gender roles exist because that is what we are best at and that we are meant to complement each other not be islands unto ourselves. Women have more power with a smile and a kind word than with Z snap head whipping scream sessions. However we have lead ourselves to believe that meekness equals weakness. I do not need to raise my voice to get through to others. I don't need to curse like a sailor (even though I do sometimes) I can use the strength of being feminine to get the things I want for myself.

    Don't fall prey to feminazi foolishness!

  2. I couldn't have said it better myself. It sounds so much more credible coming from a lady. I will share this quote on the show! Thank you so much!


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