Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Coach @BettyLouise Talks Healing w/Pleasure Medicine

Coach Betty Louise
Tue., Sept. 16th @ 10 PM EDT 

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Are you interested in an eye-opening, content-rich show on the liberation of pleasure? When we are able to access an inner pleasure, we feel freedom in every aspect of our lives. Creating pleasure cycles, instead of trying to break pain cycles, is the visionary work that Coach Betty Louise wants to share with you!

She will talk about her book, "Healing with Pleasure Medicine: Unearthing the Beautiful, Sensual, and Sexual You" as she makes her first appearance on T2Q!

Also being discussed on the show, Adrian Peterson and the controversy behind him whipping his child. Is whipping a cultural thing that should be stopped or is it sometimes necessary? Is there a difference between "whipping" and "spanking"?

These things and more on the Talk 2 Q Radio Show! 

"No experts. Just opinions." 


Show No. 394

Interview scheduled for 20-30 mins.

Show scheduled for 60-75 mins.

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