Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Talk #Suicide Awareness Month w/ @ConsultBrandy

Tue., Sept. 23rd @ 10 PM EDT 

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Joining the show tonight to talk suicide awareness will be mental health therapist, Brandy J. Flynn. Brandy was recently voted Best in Black Memphis Best Consulting / Professional Service for her efforts in the mental health field. I welcome her back to the show to preview her upcoming seminar: Breaking the Barrier of Mental Health: Suicide Awareness Month.

We will discuss how people should pay attention to kids when they cry for help, who has the highest rate of suicide, and more! Below is a summary of what's to come from her 9/27 seminar:

This will be the platform where we can come together to vent, educate, advocate, and possible intervene and prevent suicide form occurring with a love one. Do you know the signs of suicide? Do you know what to do when someone tells you that they want to kill themselves? What if they took the action of suicide? You will gain the answers to these questions and more at the panel talk. I hope to see you there. Wear yellow for Suicide Awareness Month! 

After the interview: When in a relationship do you question a significant other about finances/credit?  NFL Week 3 review on Zone Coverage.


Show No. 396

Interview 20-30 mins.

Show scheduled for 120 mins.

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