Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Technology is Why We're Broke

Wednesday, May. 13th @ 10 PM EDT 

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Ever wondered how your parents made less money than you, but still managed to maintain the household? At one time, I did, too. I used to think that my parents made so much more money than I did, but once I got older I realized that they didn't. I finally realized that they didn't have as many bills as I do.

My parents didn't have a cable bill, cell phone bills, or internet. My DirecTV, $110, cell phone, $100, my Internet service, $51. That's $261 per month that my parents didn't have to deal with when I was a kid. Mix in Netflix, Xbox Live, and the NFL Sunday Ticket and a lot of my paycheck goes to things that aren't a necessity.

Technology is why a lot of us are broke. We've gotten so addicted to luxuries that we've made them necessities. How can we improve our discipline? Do we really need to raise minimum wage or just cut certain luxuries out of our lives?

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