Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Q-on-1 w/Author, Crystal Hickerson

It was an absolute pleasure to have a chat with author, show host, and Show Legend, Crystal Hickerson! We talked about her book, "Wanted", a supernatural thriller about love, life, death, and the in-between.

Duration: 24 minutes.

Cailyn Roberts survived a brutal attack that left her 11 year old daughter dead and herself in a coma. When she awoke her world was shattered. With nothing left she searched for a reason to live, she found it, vengeance. When your soul is empty, darkness finds a great place to live. "Wanted" is the new novel from the mind of Crystal Hickerson waiting to get out, however there are some doors that should never be opened. Do you dare?

I was also able to pick her brain about the authors who have inspired her over the years as well as her future endeavors. With four books under her belt, number five may arrive before the end of 2020! 

Enjoy this Q-on-1 with Crystal on the Talk 2 Q Radio Show!

You can get "Wanted" on Amazon here or you can go to www.CrystalHickerson.com to find all of her books, podcasts, etc.

Show #797

Happy birthday, Crystal!

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