Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Q-on-1 w/Brother Ali of Grassrootz Books & Juice Bar

Grassrootz is the only black-owned book store in Phoenix.  I talk to the manager about the importance of the business to the community.

Duration: 21 minutes.

Brother Ali manages the Grassrootz Books and Juice Bar in Phoenix, Arizona.  It's a place created out of necessity when you listen to his story.  Not only does Grassrootz offer a physical location in which to edify your knowledge, build networks, as well as enjoy an atmosphere of peace and like-mindedness, but it's also an online haven for books.  

During this pandemic, people are unable to get out as much without risking their health, so the option to peruse their collection of books relevant to communities of color is still available at this time.

He and I discuss why black history and culture is more relevant than ever in 2020.  We talk about Blackout Days and the pros and cons of it.  He also talks about a book or two trending in the black community.

Enjoy my Q-on-1 conversation with him on this edition of the Talk 2 Q Radio Show.

Show #860

Visit the online bookstore at www.GrassrootzBookstore.com.

You can also support by making a donation to the Phoenix Local Organizing Committee here.

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