Sunday, September 27, 2020

Q-on-2 w/Damarces & Lakivia Sharkey of Treble & Flame Co.

I'm joined by two entrepreneurs who took their love for candles and music to another level.

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Duration: 21 minutes.

This couple met in college and probably never knew what that meeting would turn into some day.  

Damarces and Lakivia Sharkey are the proud owners of a candle company.  But, not just any candle company.  These two had a plan to make their candle company stand out from the others and they created the perfect gift for any music and scent lover! 

Treble & Flame Co. not only gives you the relaxing ambiance to set the mood, but they also allow access to the music that will get you in the mood!  When you order from T&FC, you not only get an amazing-smelling candle, but also a playlist that will accompany the candle as well.  

If you like 80's R&B, then the Purple Rain candle is definitely for you.  90's hip hop is your thing?  Then maybe you should check out the Bonita Applebum candle.  This list goes on!

These will be perfect stocking stuffers for anyone this holiday season!

Enjoy my interview with the Sharkeys and see how their love story turned into a business venture to some day pass on to their daugther.


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