Sunday, May 2, 2021

I Got Asked, "What Does It Take To Be A Man?"

I joined Ciphered Knowledge With Chrissy to talk about the state of manhood.

Watch on YouTube here.

It was my first time joining Chrissy's forum and it was everything that I expected it to be.  Chrissy is as genuine as they come and she always brings the real to her viewers.  She bounced a bunch of questions off of me about what it takes to be a man.  Are there different versions of a man?  What's causing the gap between the old school and new school line of thought?  Can a woman raise a boy into a man?

I'm normally not the one on the answering end of questions, but I will say that I felt completely comfortable on her show.  I held nothing back as I spoke my truths, including a scathing demand at the end of the show to fathers who are in co-parenting situation.

Please check out Chrissy's show to not only support me, but to support her show as well.


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