Sunday, April 11, 2021

What's The Answer To Mass Shootings?

Another mass shooting and nothing is done about it.  

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Duration: 46 minutes.

Mass shootings continue to happen across the country and the politicians don't have an answer for it.  Or they don't want to have an answer for it.  After all, they receive a lot of money from the NRA come election time.

Would new and more restrictive gun control laws hurt or harm society?  Are more stringent background checks the answer?  Where do we start in solving the problem?

Joining me to discuss this are influencers, Crystal Hickerson and Brandy Singleton.  We will also talk about the Derek Chauvin trial and where we think things are going with it.

Brandy Singleton's podcast: Voices Of Courage (Walk The Talk)
All things Crystal Hickerson:

Show #928

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