Thursday, April 1, 2021

A Conversation With Show Legends

My first five Show Legends joined me to discuss T2Q's 10th birthday.

Watch the unedited YouTube video here.

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Duration: 76 minutes.

This episode was a YouTube-exclusive video of the conversation that I had with my Year One Show Legends, but I've decided to release it as a podcast episode.  the Talk 2 Q Radio Show celebrated 10 years of existence back in February and I decided to get all of my Show Legends who came aboard in Year One together for a conversation. 

My original podcast cover art from Show #1.

We discussed what the show has meant to all of us over the past decade. We also talked about how it was therapeutic and provided a much-needed stress outlet in so many cases as well as how it formed bonds amongst people scattered across the globe. 

As the show grew, we grew as a family. I can truly say that M&M, Buck, Ray, Crystal, and Amanda are my brothers and sisters. Please enjoy this trip down Memory Lane as T2Q celebrated 10 years with the people who made the show what it is today.

Show #925

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