Monday, April 12, 2021

What Is "Respectful Cheating"?

Is there a such thing as "cheating respectfully"?

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I just can't stay away from having dope discussions!  I joined Erica Warren and Gator Live on their show to discuss a ridiculous statement some reality TV show lady made about her "situationship".  

Do you think that a person can cheat and still be respectful about how they do it?  Can you creep a certain way and not lose points with your mate?

Also on the show, why are men so gung-ho about giving women relationship advice, but they seem to shy away from giving other men relationship advice?  These relationship coaches out here love to tell women what they should and shouldn't be doing, but have very few words for the men out here.

Dope Discussions with Erica is a great show that can entertain you, make you more aware, and also make you $100 richer!  Yes, you read that right!  

Subscribe to their show on YouTube here and you'll be eligible to win $100!  

(rules and eligibility explained on the April 11, 2021 episode.)

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