Friday, December 23, 2022

I was on Je Vaughn Show debating holiday movies!

I was beyond honored to join Je Vaughn Show last night to debate the best grouping of holiday movies with 9 other people!  The show host, Je Vaughn invited 10 people on and asked us to "draft" our favorite holiday movies.  So, if someone picks one of the movies you wanted to choose, you had to pick another one.

I chose my list of movies and I think that my group is strong!  And if you go to Je Vaughn's Facebook fan page, you can vote on which one is the best!  Just go to, scroll down, and like the one that you think deserves to win (for example: Group C - LOL).

If you want to just go to my group directly and Like it, then do so here: 

(if you are on a cell phone then look to the top right and click on the Facebook logo if you can't click the Like icon below)

Voting ends at 9 PM on 12/23.

It was a fun show to join as we all debating what is and what isn't truly a holiday movie (ex. Die Hard).  The winner of the voting gets a 5 night stay in Cancun, so help your boy be a winner!

And be sure to subscribe to the Je Vaughn Show YouTube channel and enjoy his countless interviews and an absolute wonderful production.  He's been a guest on Talk 2 Q in the past and he is an entertaining as it gets!

And thanks for voting (for me)!

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