Thursday, December 1, 2022

Q-on-1 w/Sports Official, Adrienne Barnes


Back on August 26, 2022, I interviewed a group of ladies who broke a barrier not just in Mississippi, but maybe the nation. They were the first all-black and all-female officiating crew for a high school football game. Fast-forward to today and the end of their season isn't as festive as the start of it. 

Adrienne Barnes, who was the referee and lead official for that historic crew, returns to the show to discuss certain practices within her profession that's getting the side-eye. The high school championships are here and some of the high-ranking officials are being shunned in order for less-deserving groups to get a chance on the big stage. 

Listen to the audio version here.

Enjoy this Q-on-1 interview with Adrienne, who demonstrated a lot of courage in showing up to discuss something so volatile, as we discuss how there appears to be some discrimination within the high school sports association in the state of Mississippi when it comes to premium assignments. 

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