Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Stop Street Harassment!

Sun., July 21st @ 10 PM ET 
Call-In #: (347) 202-0215 
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"Catcalls, sexually explicit comments, sexist remarks, groping, leering, stalking, public masturbation, and assault. Most women (more than 80% worldwide) and LGBQT folks will face gender-based street harassment at some point in their life. Street harassment limits people's mobility and access to public spaces. It is a form of gender violence and it's a human rights violation. It needs to stop." 
-- From the StopStreetHarassment.Org site:  

Joining me tonight will be founder of SSH, Holly Kearl and her partner in the fight against street harassment, Relando Thompkins! We'll take a more in-depth look at how something that a lot of men think is complimentary can be quite the opposite.

After the interview, we'll discuss why black people hate Tyler Perry and if the devil really can "make you do it."

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"Some things just need to be said." 

Show No. 244

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