Wednesday, December 23, 2015

1 Man and 1 Woman Talking #Relationships

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Why do you think that men and women just don't seem to get along these days?

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If you missed the controversial "Women Aren't Sweet and Men Don't Protect" show, then you definitely want to listen to the first hour just to get the gist of things. This show was inspired by that one, but with a different approach. There's not really one true topic in this podcast. Just a discussion in which I also get involved to talk about how relationships are more difficult than they have to be these days.

Joining me for this podcast is Show Legend, The Curvy Momager, Robin Peppers-Hunt and the Show Legend in Black, the homie, Buck.

Enjoy this recording as I take tonight off to ramp up for the holidays! Merry Christmas, everyone! 

the Talk 2 Q Radio Show!  "No experts.  Just opinions."

Show No. 551

Scheduled for 101 mins.

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