Saturday, April 25, 2020

the Quarantine Show w/Brad Preuss & the Badman

Badman and Brad
It was a lazy Saturday during this quarantine period, so I figured that I'd hit up a couple of T2Q funny guys to entertain you all (as well as myself)!

Duration: 38 minutes.

Brad Preuss, a long-standing T2Q favorite on Twitter chimed in from Florida. And no, regardless of what you think, he is not "Florida Man".

Show Legend, Badman, makes a return appearance from Arkansas and as usual, he doesn't care what we talk about. He never has a shortage of anything to say.

It's an unorthodox show with no real topic, rhyme, or reason. Just me listening and laughing to two T2Q comedians.

the Quarantine Show on T2Q. "No experts. Just opinions comedians."

Show #783

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