Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Generation X vs. Millennials

Janeecia and Imani
Are Millenials the cause of today's problems in society?  These ladies say "nope"!

Duration: 32 minutes.

As a 70's baby, I have my own personal view of the world: The way my parents raised me, the type of content that was available on TV to watch or on the radio in which to listen, the interaction with other adults in my life, like neighbors and teachers. These things and more shaped my outlook on life.

But things have changed dramatically since then. A lot of people don't have both parents present in the household like I did. The things on TV and radio now wouldn't have made it on the air back in the 70's. Neighbors are kept away from kids now and teachers and students are at war.

So, how do 20-somethings navigate society with all of the potholes in place? Where do you get educated on life lessons when there appears to be a shortage of those who can teach you?

Well, I'd like to welcome on a couple of young ladies who are currently going through this as we speak. Two Millennials.

These ladies have a new podcast called "Let's Talk 20 Somethings". It's a show that discusses a lot of topics that interests young people and gives their perspective of how they see the world.

Please welcome, Miss Imani Murray and Miss Janeecia Survillion to the Talk 2 Q Radio Show.

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