Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Q-on-1 w/Crisis Coach, Scott Silverman

He's a CNN Hero of the Week Award recipient and the CEO of Confidential Recovery, San Diego's premier outpatient treatment facility. With over 30 years of continuous recovery himself, T2Q welcomes Mr. Scott Silverman to a Q-on-1 discussion about substance abuse and depression.

Duration: 37 minutes.

Scott and I discuss how the mandatory quarantines from COVID-19 are affecting those who battle with alcoholism, drub abuse, and depression.  The suicide rate has increased since the pandemic started and people like Scott are on the frontline to help those in need.

We discuss his background and how he overcame his personal demons.  I probe him to find out what inspired him to help others get clean.  I also get him to break down the ins and outs of an intervention.  Is it just like we see on reality TV?  We also talk about his book which you can find at the link under his photo.

These things and more as I give you another Q-on-1 discussion with another intriguing and insightful guest!

Show #776

You can call or text Scott at (619) 993-2738 or go to www.YourCrisisCoach.com!

Get his book here!

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