Monday, August 24, 2020

Q-on-1 w/Captain Yoshua of IUIC

I was contacted by a member of the Israel United in Christ group to have someone appear on the show and I agreed to do the show without hesitation.  

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Duration: 35 minutes.

This group was founded in 2003 with the intent of uniting people of color (blacks, Hispanics, indigenous Americans, etc.), but whenever there is call for unity, there will also controversy.

My guest, Captain Yoshua, explains how he became a part of this group and how they are trying to eradicate the problems found in communities of color.  He spoke, uninterrupted by me, and gave his Bible-based interpretation on not only where we went wrong as a people, but how we can correct it.

It's a very riveting interview and it gave me an opportunity to ask questions about an organization that I'd never heard of prior to them reaching out.

For my white listeners, you are going to hear some things that you will not agree with at all.  You will be offended.  However, the purpose of this show is to allow you to hear things from the perspective of others.  We cannot coexists in this world without understanding who's in it.  There are elements of this podcast that can enlighten a lot of people to the innermost thoughts of people around them.

You can learn more about the IUIC at their website here.

Show #845

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