Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Why Do We Need A Blackout Day?

I think that it's sad that we need to have a day to remind us the importance of patronizing black-owned businesses.  

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There are many guidelines on what is/isn't to be done on a Blackout Day, but one of them is to keep our dollars in our community.  Although I think that's an important thing to ask, I hate that it has to be asked in the first place.

Why do black people not support their own?  As many of us that have the entrepreneur spirit, it's very difficult to get traction within our own community from people who look like us.  Chinatown seems to thrive.  Little Italy seems to thrive.  There should be a black community that attracts tourists in most major cities across the countries.  A community that not only thrives from outside dollars, but is sustained by local dollars.

It doesn't take long for me to get to my point in most of my soap box rants and this episode is no different.  I hope that you enjoy it and receive something from it.  If you disagree then please use the comments below to offer some feedback.

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