Sunday, August 9, 2020

Q-on-1 w/Aamina Danks of Air & Share


Duration: 21 mins.

I have another guest from across the pond and she joins me to converse about her podcast and current events.

Aamina Danks is the host and creator of the Air and Share Podcast.  Her podcast is a space to "air and share" on life matters relating to wellness, mental health and spirituality.  And you know that I'm all for a place that allows you to get things off of your chest and decompress!

I speak with her not only about her podcast and her inspiration to start it, but we also talk about world news.  There are a lot of similarities between her home in the United Kingdom and mine in the United States.  We have some of the same social justice concerns and Aamina and I have a candid discussion about.

I will apologize in advance for how I sound on this podcast.  I'm a little on the "robotic side" with my speech.  It was my first episode using a new microphone and it was extremely sensitive!  So, I chose to not move as much as to create background noise and it sounds like I lack emotions.

However, it doesn't negate the interesting discussion!  Enjoy this Q-on-1 podcast edition of the Talk 2 Q Radio Show with Aamina!

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