Sunday, August 9, 2020

Q-on-1 w/Aamina Danks of Air & Share

I have another guest from across the pond and she joins me to converse about her podcast and current events.

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Duration: 21 mins.

Aamina Danks is the host and creator of the Air and Share Podcast.  Her podcast is a space to "air and share" on life matters relating to wellness, mental health and spirituality.  And you know that I'm all for a place that allows you to get things off of your chest and decompress!

I speak with her not only about her podcast and her inspiration to start it, but we also talk about world news.  There are a lot of similarities between her home in the United Kingdom and mine in the United States.  We have some of the same social justice concerns and Aamina and I have a candid discussion about.

I will apologize in advance for how I sound on this podcast.  I'm a little on the "robotic side" with my speech.  It was my first episode using a new microphone and it was extremely sensitive!  So, I chose to not move as much as to create background noise and it sounds like I lack emotions.

However, it doesn't negate the interesting discussion!  Enjoy this Q-on-1 podcast edition of the Talk 2 Q Radio Show with Aamina!

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