Sunday, August 23, 2020

What Men Think, Vol. 2: The 6 Components of Manhood

This podcast series is designed to allow men to have a opinionated platform unchallenged by the ladies. I'm joined by two insightful guys who discuss what it takes to earn the title of a "man".

What does it take for one to call himself "a man"?  Although some think that it's based on birth certificate, there's a lot more that has to be done to lay claim to that moniker.  There are six components to being a man: protect, provide, cultivate, teach, be a visionary, and to lead.  

I'm joined by Yahnathan Immauel of the Right To Real Love Podcast and JeVaughn Martin of JeVaughn Show FB series.  They will tell you why each and every last one is important and essential to manhood.

Ladies, this podcast will teach you what you should be paying attention to when deciding if a man is a long-term prospect for you or not.  Go get your guy, your son, your brother, or whomever and make them listen to this as well. 

Guys, once you get to the end of this podcast series, hit replay and listen again.  You'll be better for it.  It takes a man to build a man and I have two men dropping verbal gems for you on this podcast.

This volume is so good that I should be charging you all to listen!  What is "being a man"?  Listen and find out!

The WMT series will continue in the future on different topics. I always encourage the guys to speak freely and get everything they want to say out on these podcasts. 

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Participants: JeVaughn Martin and Yahnathan Immanuel (Jay Mayo). 

If you enjoyed this then click on this link and scroll down to see other volumes of the WMT series. 

the Talk 2 Q Radio Show - "No experts. Just opinions." 

Show #842 / 843 / 844

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