Sunday, March 21, 2021

You Can Be Educated & Still Be Fly!

Being smart and being cool is not mutually-exclusive.

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I'm joined by engineer and speaker, Da'Shaun Joseph, also known as "Boom"! 

We'll discuss how "Boom" went from being a little girl from New Orleans, who was bulled for being dark-skinned, to a confident, goal-oriented professional looking to give back. 

So many children of color feel as if they have to choose between being educated or being "fly" (culturally-relevant).  Why d people think that you have to be one or the other?  "Boom" says that you can do both!

She will fill us in on how she get started in STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math) and what we can do to expand our kids' minds when it comes to a career path.

Follow her on IG @BoomSpeaks.

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